About Dr. Rahab Khalil, MD FACOG

The Women’s Medical Connection was founded by Dr. Khalil in 2005 after completion of her residency. Dr. Khalil wanted to create an individualized one to one patient/physician relationship. She believed that knowing your patient’s health in great detail was the key to the best care that can be achieved.

The inviting staff at the Women’s Medical Connection will greet you with affection and respect to initiate your medical visit. Our medical assistants will obtain detailed information that will be important and relevant for each patient. Our physician’s assistants and physicians pride themselves on patient care and you will receive the healthcare for your needs.

At the Women’s Medical Connection, we use Electronic Health Records (HER) to allow a multi specialty approach. By involving your primary care physician and health specialists all in one health record, patient’s healthcare can be detailed and precise. Upon registering, each patient will receive a private PIN to allow access to the personal information including results of blood work, imaging, and procedures. This allows patients to have 24/7 control of their healthcare at all times.

Our full-time phlebostasis allows patients to immediately obtain lab work and results within 24 hours, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment. All prescriptions and referrals will be done electronically to allow immediate pick up or scheduling.

Finally, if further referrals of specialists are required, we will recommend and follow up with physicians and facilities for appropriate diagnoses.

Dr. Khalil concentrates on your specific need and focuses on your particular medical condition and will recommend the best methods treatment. She believes that patient involvement and education is the guarantee for successful treatment.